RESIDENTIAL HOMES                                                                                                                       


We have 4 residential homes in the East

Lancashire area. These homes

     provide care and accomodation to young

     adults from both genders ranging from 

     0-18 years at the Meadows and 18-25 in

    our other homes. These young adults may

    have a Learning Disability, Physical Disability,

    Sensory Impairment and/or Austistic Spectrum

    Disorder, who may also display associated 

    challenging behaviour. In addition to this the 

    person may have a medical health complex 

    need and who may require nursing or 

    personal care.


GS Social Care provide homecare at times convenient

to individuals. This may include medication administration,

meal preparation, light housework and personal care.

This ranges from service users with Dementia, Learning

Disabilitles to those with complex health and physical



GS Social Care provide long term and short term emergency

community based activities. Person centred care packages 

are put in place to enhance people's skills and lives

through meaningful support and hobbies they enjoy,

alongside staff who share their interests.


16 Noble Street,





We are primarily a learning disability service, who focus on what people CAN do, instead of what they CANNOT do. We have specialisms in Autism and those with sensory and communication needs. However, our staff team are diverse in skills, knowledge and expertise and this lends to our services to all age groups and abilities.

GS Social Care Solutions Ltd is a specialist social care provider. Established in 2006 and fully compliant with the Care Quality Commission and Ofsted, we are passionately proud of our quality of care.

We want to provide the highest quality and standard of care across our services and we provide this through our staff's dedicated hard work and commitment to their role. Our thorough recruitment process provides an excellent and diverse workforce who we believe can provide the best quality support and care to our service users.



GS Social Care are committed to many programmes including: 

Driving up quality

Making it real

Career Friendly Employer

Think Local Act Personal

Communication Accessible

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