​GS Social Care Solutions Ltd values feedback as it provides us an opportunity to improve our quality of service.
We encourage the people we support, their families, staff and the community to provide us with feedback whenever possible.

Compliments are always passed on and celebrated. Ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our services are always considered, and complaints are always acknowledged and investigated.

You can give us your feedback in several ways:
Office Phone: 01254 877755
24/7 Phone: 07894107098
Post: 16 Noble Street, Rishton, Blackburn, BB1 4HX


Summary of Complaints reported and dealt with in the last 12 months
1/5/20 – 1/5/21



​June 2021
A message from our Nominated Individual, Faye Mellor:

Hello everybody. Another trying 12 months in many respects but again very proud of the obstacles our fantastic service users and staff have overcome! Thank you and well done!

The results from the people we support:
We sent 32 feedback forms (inclusive of our domiciliary service only), 3 were returned. Out of those, all scored 3 or 4 out of 4. There were 2 questions on 1 person’s feedback that was scored at 2 out of 4 and we will contact the individual to rectify that particular concern of “knowing who would be coming in place of my usual staff during periods of absence.”

Additional comments included:

“We have used GS for 12 years now and hope to continue.”

The results from our staff:

 We sent 56 feedback forms, 9 were returned. Out of those, all scored 3 or 4 out of 4.
Additional comments included:

“Fantastic company to work for. Great management team. Very respectful of the staff who work for GS.”

“I have been  support worker with GS since Feb 2018. I love the job I do and always strive to give ALL the clients I support the best person centred care. I feel I have always had excellent support from management, had excellent training to be able to do my job with confidence. Having worked through the whole of the pandemic, which at times has been quite challenging, we have endeavoured to follow all government guidelines on how to keep all of our clients and co-workers safe by using correct PPE at all times.”

“I am more than happy to work for GS Social Care, feeling confident that my client and I are fully supported and that my company is run so professionally.”

“I have worked for GS for nearly 9 years and during this time I have seen many changes. I have full confidence in the management team. I have been fully supported during my time with GS, I work with a fantastic team. I feel that during this pandemic we have kept our client and ourselves safe and continue to do so.”

The results from the professionals we work with:

We sent 90 feedback forms, 9 were returned. Out of those, we received the following comments:

What do we do well?

“offer diverse and creative solutions to care and support”; “from the staff whom I have met with, the genuine care and compassion they display”; “offer consistency of staff”; “communication between the home and school”; “quick response to any issues/ queries raised”

What could we do better? Many noted N/A to this question.

“add your influence to statutory services”; “maintain high standards”; “costs to be clearer on what is included”

The results from the families and professionals we work with re our children looked after in our children’s home:
BB sister - " I'm afraid it wont help the Meadows to improve at all - I'm really happy with the transition, and I'm sure that Ben is going to be very happy at the Meadows”
HH IRO Karen Houghton - ‘they keep him very safe, there is good communication between the home and everybody’.

Karen added, ‘their CLA Review reports are very good, I always get there reports in time’, and ‘he is very settled and safe, and very happy, I am going to visit him this evening actually, I am looking forward to it’.

MB Social Worker - ‘MB has struggled at times with some of the other children, but the staff have dealt with this completely appropriately. He has come on leaps and bounds, his confidence, his emotional well-being, his physical ability, he can manoeuvre without his chair, he is becoming more and more independent. He feels it is his forever home. I feel that staffing is now consistent, we always get invited to parties and dinners; observations of the staff working with him is positive; the whole dynamics of the whole home is very creative’. MB wants to be a mentor to other children; they make this work; they are creative with everyone. They are fantastic at communication; I am always updated’.

‘MB used to be very dependent upon Social Care, he would always ring me, I see this a lot less now, he is confident and comfortable to speak to the staff, He uses his phone, and he has the confidence and flexibility to use this’.

‘He is also eating much better, previously he wouldn’t eat much but now he is proud to tell you about his own meals - Overall, his independence is going really well’ 

Ofsted report Feb 2021 - 

'Staff have positive and nurturing relationships with children. Staff say that they genuinely love working with the children. The inspector observed caring and relaxed interactions between the children and staff. Staff understand the individual needs and risk behaviour for children. Staff are extremely vigilant on shift and ensure that children are always supervised due to their level of need.’

AH Social Worker - Its great to hear good news in these times.
I’m glad he managed it well and it looks like he is really enjoying food!
I think you and your staff also need some credit in making Alex feel welcome and safe in his new home.

Safeguarding lead royal blackburn - 

I just wanted to say how very positively the staff from the Meadows have been described by all members of our staff who have come into contact with them. Their dedication and care for this young man has been highly commended and I would like to pass that to you, and to let them know how much that was appreciated. Even in this extremely difficult situation the fact they were able to maintain such caring attitudes toward him was outstanding.   

We welcome ALL feedback 24/7 and 365 days a year to further enhance and improve the quality service we already deliver.

June 2020

A message from our Nominated Individual Faye Mellor:

Hello everybody! Its lovely to be back after my maternity leave. I had a little boy, Ted, who is 6 months old now and is amazing. As I write this, Rebecca has also just given birth to a beautiful baby girl Pippa.

Hope everyone is keeping well and within this email is just a chance to feedback on the service. Every year we ask for your say on how the service is run and what we can do to change and make things better. We want GS Social Care to be a provider who you are happy to have supporting you. For staff, we want you to be proud working for the company and as professionals, we hope we are a good team to work with!!

The results from the people we support:

We sent feedback forms to 57 service users, 12 were returned. Out of those, the majority scored us as a 4 or 5 out of 5 for all questions asked on the service provided. (For those who scored 3 or less, please rest assured we will contact you very soon to discuss your concerns and rectify those).

There was comment from a large proportion of service users that you would not know how to make a complaint. Please see the complaints procedure attached.

Some positive comments made by service users were: “really happy with the care and support”; “from first contacting GS Social Care, everything was spot on. Will recommend”; “GS have been a lifeline for us as a family”

Things we can improve on: “knowing the complaints policy”; “office staff to let me know changes in support staff”

The results from our staff:

We sent feedback forms to 63 staff, 5 were returned.

Out of those, all 5 enjoy working for GS, stating: “I enjoy being part of the GS team”; “I love supporting my clients to remain as independent as possible”; “I feel supported and appreciated”; “well led company starting from the top”; “all information in each clients care plan, regular team meetings and mandatory training”; “this is the best job I have ever had, I am blessed to have such wonderful service users. There is a wide range in ages which is fabulous”; “The Meadows staff and children are great”; “I feel supported, listened to and a good team member”.

What staff say about the people they support: “once I gained his trust, I found ways for us to communicate and to get to know each other. He used to be very challenging, but we have built a good relationship now. He greets me with a smile”; “going to help a client seek employment in tesco”; “making good progress with a PEG fed child, reducing his feeds as he is eating more orally”; “our training and communication is excellent”.

Things we can improve on: “the pay to reflect the work carried out and the qualifications of staff”

For those staff who had any concerns at all, I would ask those are specifically addressed during supervision to ensure your line manager is aware and we can respond to your individual concerns to act on that going forward as it is important our staff are happy within their employment.

Social Care at it's best!

Summary of Complaints reported and dealt with in the previous 12 months
1/5/17 – 1/5/18

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