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​GS Social Care Solutions Ltd values feedback as it provides us an opportunity to improve our quality of service.
We encourage the people we support, their families, staff and the community to provide us with feedback whenever possible.

Compliments are always passed on and celebrated. Ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our services are always considered, and complaints are always acknowledged and investigated.

You can give us your feedback in several ways:
Office Phone: 01254 877755
24/7 Phone: 07894107098
Post: 16 Noble Street, Rishton, Blackburn, BB1 4HX


Customer Feedback Summary – March 2019
GS Social Care Solutions sent out 67 forms and received 6 completed responses, which is a response rate of 8.95%.

(CR) - Customer response
(GS) - GS comments

Question 1:
How would you rate us in terms of how much input you have into how your support is delivered?
CR - 4 x outstanding, 5 x good and 1 x requires improvement.

GS - One client felt that different activities could be explored, this will be discussed at care planning stages, team meetings and supervisions.

Questions 2:
How would you rate the communication between yourself and GS?

CR - 1 x outstanding, 6 x good, 3 x requires improvement
GS - Communication between office staff and clients will continue to be monitored, we aim to return all calls promptly.

Question 3:
How effective do you feel your staff individual / team are at delivering care / service you need? Do GS help you to achieve good outcomes and maintain a good quality of life?

CR - 6 x outstanding, 2 x good, 1 x requires improvement, 1 x inadequate
GS - GS made contact with the customers who suggested improvements could be made which included support workers making suggestions of groups which clients could attend to help develop friendships. This is something that office staff will be exploring when completing care plans and will be incorporated into support if applicable.

Question 4:
All service users have the right to feel SAFE, do you feel safe and protected with GS?

CR - 8 x outstanding, 2 x good​

Question 5:
Are we a CARING organisation? Do staff involve you and treat you with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect?
CR - 7 x outstanding, 3 x good​

Question 6:
Are we RESPONSIVE? Do we meet your needs?

CR - 4 x outstanding, 3 x good, 2 x requires improvement, 1 x inadequate
GS - An extra effort to ensure that communication from the office is good, all phone calls will be returned promptly. This will continue to be monitored.

Question 7:
Are we a WELL-LED organisation? Do you feel that the management of the organisation ensures that high quality care is delivered?

CR - 5 x outstanding, 4 x good, 1 x inadequate
GS - Although further enquiries were made to see what suggestions of improvements there are, the customer who rated GS as inadequate could not expand any further.

Question 8:
As a customer, how do you rate the overall service offered by GS?

CR - 5 x outstanding, 4 x good, 1 x unanswered

Question 9:
Would you know the procedure for making a complaint or compliment?

CR - 6 x no, 3 x yes
GS - All clients have a copy of the complaints, compliments and comments procedure in their homecare file. The clients who indicated that they did not know the process have been contacted by telephone by the registered manager and reissued with the procedure and also the easy read version.

Question 10:
Would you recommend the service of GS in the future to others?

CR - 9 x yes, 1 unanswered

Question 11:
Do you understand the aims and mission of GS?

CR - 8 x yes, 1 x no, 1 unanswered
GS - The aims and mission of GS have been reissued to the service user who was not aware of what they are.

Additional comments made throughout the surveys included:

“Would like to know who is covering in advance”
“Calls are not always returned from the office”

“GS are easily adaptable”
“very trustworthy”
“Always takes time to talk, and listens”
“All staff have relevant training and experience”

Summary of Complaints reported and dealt with in the previous 12 months
1/5/17 – 1/5/18