About Us.....

GS Social Care Solutions Ltd is a specialist social care provider. Established for over 11 years and fully compliant with the Care Quality Commission, we are passionately proud of our quality of care.  

We are primarily a learning disability service, who focus on what people CAN do, instead of what they CANNOT DO. We have specialisms in Autism and Dementia. However, our staff team are diverse in skills, knowledge and expertise and this lends to our services to all age groups and abilities..

GS Social Care Solutions is a family run Business set up in June 2006 and officially opened by the Mayor of Hyndburn on 28th July 2006. 

GS Social Care Solutions is owned and managed by Dorothy and Glyn Gould, a husband and wife team, with years of experience in care delivery, particularly concerning the learning disability sector. The service was originally set up by the couple and their 3 Daughters Danielle, Faye and Ashleigh - hence the name GS (Gould Sisters). Together, using initiative and a family-like approach, and the backing of a great team they transformed GS Social Care Solutions Ltd from an average Domicillary Agency to a social care one stop shop. Now, Dorothy, Faye and Ashleigh use this foundation to continue growing GS Social Care Solutions Ltd and to also continue delivering the great services that the company has to offer. It is more of a family operation than your standard care organisation.

Our promise to you....     

Family run business - We are all very passionate, this therefore has a knock on effect and drives our values and staff we employ.
One Stop Social Care Hub - Homecare, outreach, respite, social sessions.....we can offer it all under one roof Relationships - we have great relationships with various organisations, constantly signpost and bring in other expertise
Person-centred - we constantly work to an individual person-centred approach, we even offer individual families the choice of interviewing prospective staff
Autism Specialist - Autism is on the increase and we are offering specialist provision which is not available locally, we have again been responsive to demand
Emergency - we are front line service to offer emergency support
Dynamic - we are constantly researching and developing our approach to Learning Disability, communication techniques, reducing anxiety through transition thus reducing behaviour and achieving good quality of life.                            

Clare Higham

Senior Care Co-ordinator

Jane Drinkwater

Training & Recruitment 


Dorothy Gould

Managing Director

Alison Hargreves

Care Co-ordinator

Ashleigh Rushton

Finance & Accounts Manager

Naomi Grime

Business Development

Chantelle McKiernan

Care Co-ordinator

Our Vision

Meet Our Team

Faye Mellor

Responsible Individual @ GS Social Care Solutions Ltd


The Meadows @ GS Social Care Solutions

Jackie Webb

Care Co-ordinator

Social Care at it's best!

Rebecca Heyes

Registered Manager

@ GS Social Care Solutions Ltd

To provide a person-centred approach to delivering an excellent standard of care and support to organisations and individuals alike.


'Values are deeply held beliefs about the right way of doing things.'

They represent the organisations highest priorities, deeply-held beliefs and core fundamental driving forces.